Establishing boundaries in between neighbors is an important method to show respect, for them as well as for ourselves. A selection of fence styles exist to fulfill the require for boundaries, but one in particular was specifically produced to show respect for one’s neighbors: the Great Neighbor fence.

A great Neighbor fence combines equality with cooperation. Whereas most cedar fence designs feature boards affixed to one side of the supporting rails, resulting in a uniform “good side” and a less appealing back side, these fences have boards that alternate on each side with the rail for a fence that appears the exact same on either side.

Benefits of Great Neighbor Fencing

Most homeowners cite privateness as their primary reason for constructing a new fence, and six-foot privacy fences have turned out to be staples in several communities. A great neighbor fence combines the seclusion of a privacy fence with additional advantages.

Appears equally great on both sides. Deciding who gets the great view of a cedar fence could be a point of contention in between neighbors. Some neighborhoods even insist that homeowners construct privacy fences using the smooth side facing the neighbors, which makes your house look much more appealing from the street. With a great neighbor fence, such squabbles turn out to be irrelevant.

Permits wind to pass through. The gaps in between boards permit wind to pass via your fence, which gives it additional resilience against powerful gusts.

Construction Suggestions for Great Neighbor Fencing

Just like any other house renovation endeavor, installing a great neighbor fence takes careful preparation. The more planning you do prior to constructing, the much better your project will go. Here are some suggestions to assist you out:

Talk about it using the neighbors. A great neighbor fence is all about showing thoughtfulness towards your neighbors. The initial step in constructing your fence ought to be to talk about your plans with those who share your house lines.

Comprehend house line regulations. Check into your city and neighborhood fence building codes to determine which ones are relevant for your new cedar fence. Some cities need house owners to split upkeep and costs when constructing a fence on a shared house line. If you would like to retain full control over your fence, think about constructing it a minimum of two feet within your house boundary.

Design your fence. You will find plenty of choices for personalizing your fence, including selecting the height and also the width with the gaps in between boards. For instance, you are able to overlap the boards to create additional privacy.

Think about upkeep. All cedar fences need regular upkeep to be able to get maximum life from them. To improve your fence’s longevity, select high-quality cedar for the boards, use pressure-treated posts and rails, and treat your fence with a weather-resistant finish. You’ll need to retain your fence each few years to maintain it protected from the elements.

Homeowners who are looking to build a privacy fence with a little extra flair have plenty of options for embellishing and customizing a basic privacy fence. This article offers tips for combining different fence styles to create a privacy fence that stands out.

Privacy fences have become one of the most ubiquitous neighborhood fence styles. A basic solid style cedar fence combines coveted seclusion from neighbors with a clean, simple look. When it’s repeated in yard after yard, however, privacy fencing can become a bit monotonous.

These days, there are plenty of options for homeowners who want the privacy of a solid style cedar fence but don’t want a yard that blends in with everyone else’s. If you’re looking for a fence with a bit of flair, there are a variety of customization options available.

As you begin planning, take a look through surrounding neighborhoods for any unique or interesting fence designs that catch your eye. Some of the most attractive designs actually combine elements of several different fence styles. By piecing together aspects of other privacy fences you like, you can build one that’s unique to your home.

Here’s are some ideas for personalizing your privacy fence:

Basic Privacy Fence

A standard cedar privacy fence typically measures six feet in height and features tightly-fitted boards. The top is usually flat for a smooth, even appearance. One way to add interest to a basic privacy fence is to use dog-eared boards instead, resulting in a dynamic pattern along the top. You can also experiment with different board widths or alternating board heights.

Picture Frame Fence

The picture frame fence is a more decorative variation of privacy fencing. Its name comes from the vertical posts and horizontal rails that frame the sections of fencing. The framing adds both charm and opportunities for customization. You can select the board height, the number of boards each frame will contain and whether or not the frame and boards will match. You can also embellish a picture frame fence with additional wood trim.

Lattice Top Fence

The lattice top fence is a typical variation on privacy fencing, with a section of decorative lattice along the top. Creative homeowners can take this concept a step further by incorporating lattice sections into the body of the fence to create an interesting, semi-privacy effect. You can use a narrow section of lattice as the frame in a picture frame fence, or alternate lattice sections with solid boards.

Good Neighbor Fence

A Good Neighbor fence is another popular take on privacy fencing. Instead of featuring boards affixed to one side of the supporting rails, a Good Neighbor fence has boards attached alternately to each side of the rails. You can customize this style by narrowing or widening the gaps between boards.

Semi-Privacy Fence

Homeowners who want partial privacy without feeling closed in can choose a semi-privacy fence. These are typically shorter than regular privacy fencing, with small spaces between the boards. Adjusting the gap width and board heights can create aesthetically pleasing designs. Try using tall, thin boards and placing them 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch apart. The slotted effect will make the fence seem more open, while the height will provide the illusion of extra privacy.

With all these options to experiment with, there’s no reason your privacy fence should look just like everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to combine several designs to create a unique, customized fence that meets your privacy needs as well as your aesthetic desires.

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